Making Laundry Soap is Awesome

So. I have basically came up with my own concoction from studying many other “mom blogs”  and put my own twist on it to accommodate my laundry style. I sadly did not come up with this idea on my own and kind of wing it and change things up each time I make it, to make it to my liking.

I love Tide. I like the power, smell and trust in the brand. What I don’t like is not knowing what it is doing to my families skin. Our skin is one of our largest organs and there are a lot of studies that suggest what we put on skin can have just as many toxic effects on our bodies, as it does by digesting. Knowing that our clothes are being washed by things I can read and understand is huge comfort to me. Toxins on Skin

The other reason I do this is because I have major anxiety when it comes to recycling and waste. If I see someone wasting food or an item that should be recycled, I will think about it all day. It sounds ridiculous but its true. Our oceans need as much help as they can get and I intend to do my best to help my son have the oceans to explore when he gets older. If that means using less plastic and Tide bottles. I am in! ( not to mention the people in the world who could use something rather than it being tossed to also eliminate more waste of a new product being made and shipped from another country to here and the trail of gas, water, chemicals etc. that go along with making one little product… but that is another story for another time.)

Please check out these links to see what our plastic obsession is doing to our oceans:

Plastic Paradise – If you don’t change your plastic ways after you watch this you never will. It’s incredible that this is happening right now and no one is freaking out.

 Slyvia A. Earle Facebook – She’s pretty much my hero and her story is incredible.

I also do this to save money. All in all it costs around 10 dollars to make a 5 gallon bucket. In this house we do a lot of laundry, and I think this 5 gallon bucket normally lasts around 4-6 months. I have found it to have the same strength as Tide, if not better. Also when you start making your own laundry soap you will find you enjoy the smell better. It is not as harsh. I want to learn how to make Softener, but for now cutting where  and when I can.

My Recipe- ( Tip: Most items are more expensive on Amazon as a lot of bloggers will tell you. It is true. I get a lot of my stuff from local Health food stores, Trader Joe’s , and Whole Foods) 

1 cup of Borax

1 Cup of Super Washing Soda

1 Shredded bar of Fels Naphtha Soap or 1 Shredded bar of Castille Soap ( Or both! ) 

1 75 ML Bottle of Chemical Free detergent. ( Tide also works. I like to make a bucket of chemical free and a bucket of Tide mixtures. If I have something really dirty like muddy towels ill use the tide mix. )

5 gallon bucket ( or any easy to store container or two, with a lid )

1. Shred your Soap Bar. I use a cheese grater. Having the tiniest pieces is better for a smooth mixture and melting faster.

2. Put the shreds into a medium simmer boil in a pan of 4 cups of water. ( Try using a pan you don’t intend to use for food again. Helps eliminate cross chemical transfer. )

3. Stir the mixture as it melts into a smooth yellow mixture. While this is melting, fill up your bucket half way with warm water.

4. Once the mixture has no clumps while in the pan ( I stir with a whisk ) pour that mix into your bucket of warm water.

5. I use a whisk and an immersion blender to start mixing this and the water. Add your cup of borax and cup of washing soda. This is where you start breathing in smells of clean. mmmm

6.  Fill your bucket to 3/4 ‘s level with warm water after adding the borax and soda and continue to stir to create a smooth mix.

7. Let the mixture sit over night. ( if I am in a hurry or won’t have the time the next day I find that skipping this step is ok if I use an immersion blender to really smooth it out)

8. After sitting over night ( or 24 hours) the mixture will be thick. You want to whisk it out or blend it and add your bottle of detergent. Pour in your bottle of detergent and mix at the same time if possible. The detergent helps to keep the mix smooth, and after you feel your mixture is evenly mixed and smooth you are done!

9. Pour that bad boy out! Using a ladle and spout I can usually fit 5-6 empty laundry detergent containers. Some people just pour it out of the bucket or add to washer one cup at a time.

( if you need more visuals or photos of step by step, there are many many examples on You tube, Pinterest, and Mrs. Happy Homemaker)  The recipe I started with that I loved the best is from Mrs. Happy Homemaker Tide Recipe I like her recipe but I don’t like using the oils. Her site also has a ton of other great tips!

Let me know how it goes, meanwhile I am trying to find a great home-made shea butter baby wash recipe with chamomile and essential oils. If I find it, you will know!

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